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Amazon 2020 year in search: insights we get from Amazon user searches on 2020

Amazon 2020 year in search: insights we get from Amazon user searches on 2020

Thanks to Witailer Intelligence -an advanced proprietary tool that provides brands with a complete view on their Amazon performance- we present this snapshot at European scale of 2020 Year in Search on Amazon and the starting point for 2021.


  • Food searches peaked across European countries in the first lockdown in March 2020. The interest related to grocery products among consumers decreased slightly in the second half of the year, but overall we observe a higher relevance of shopping grocery on Amazon and higher baseline of food related searches compared to 2020 (especially home-cooking products like flour and yeast in UK, France and Italy).

In Spain there was a pronounced outburst in flour and different types of flour (like coconut flour, rice flour, almond flour) between February and June -probably acknowledged to stocking purposes-  that soon decreased to average search numbers, once consumers realized that brick-and-mortar essentials stores would continue to be open during pandemic despite government restrictions.

  • Smart working trend has arrived to stay, particularly in Southern Europe: Italy, Spain and Germany. Queries related office chairs have been increasing steadily in 2020 with peaks after summer and do not seem to go back to pre-covid levels. The UK had a different trend compared to other countries as searches dropped in the last quarter probably due to higher penetration of home offices before lockdown.

Given the reality of stay-at-home policies, smart working appliances flourished, not only amongst adults for work for home and office purposes but also on non-working generations: in Spain, desk chairs for children have arisen in search queries and kept a stable interest all along 2020, due to the fact that school’s opening is uncertain. Flourishing keywords in Spain relate to office chairs, children’s desk chairs, keyboards, mouses, mousepads and screens.

  • Travel accessories are not recovering yet from downs observed in spring. Consumer priorities are still far from this product category after a seasonal recovery during Summer across EU. Backpacks were among the top 100 Amazon queries in Europe and they are suffering particularly in Italy, Germany, France and UK where they are out of the top 500 queries, while searches in Spain are recovering slightly faster.

Despite pandemic worldwide situation and COVID-19 fear, consumers search for travel items with the hope of resuming travelling safely during 2021 for recreational purposes. Particularly in Spain, backpacks have gained attention during Spring and Summer, not only for adults, but also for children. Since September 2020, interest paralleled to the initial one during January at the beginning of the year. This may be related to governments’ lift on restrictions during Spring and Summer, allowing citizens to move locally more freely. 

  • Fitness experience has been revolutionized after pandemic, the purchase intent of these products grew significantly across Europe when gyms closed and does not seem to decrease significantly in Italy, France and Germany after initial peaks, meaning that an increasing number of consumers buy new home equipment to exercise. 

Spain mirrored this trend demonstrating stable interest in fitness products with pandemic outburst and stay-at-home orders, where keyword searches were centered around weights, weights for at-home-gym, disc weights, ankle weights, weight kits, elastic bands and everything in between these terminologies.

  • Cosmetics sees strong growth opportunities from our perspective. While penetration of beauty products online has increased in recent years and more than 55% of millennials browse online before purchasing, we observed a decrease in some keywords in 2020 vs 2019. This signals a great opportunity for growth in some categories affected by face mask adoption decreases (ie foundation).

In Spain, lipstick demonstrates erratic searches with ups and downs MoM throughout all 2020. On the contrary, eyelash mascara has had a steady growth and an interesting spotlight on the keyword magnetic eyelashes. 

  • Gaming is always at the forefront of attention. Different generations turn to this category for entertainment, recreational spacing and international challenges between peers with the facility of turning into online gaming. Regardless of official launch date, PS5 was searched by early adopters such as the UK, France and Germany starting in February. Soon the product was out-of-stock and not available on Amazon. 

But not only, competition players such as XBOX and Nintendo Switch were closely behind and in October 2020 Nintendo Switch surpassed PS5 as leader, while the remainder were flat.

In Spain PS5 raised between May and October, quickly reaching the top 1 position in November.

  • Toys in 2020, Lego was the top ranked toy brand in the world with a brand value of approximately 6.5 billion U.S. dollars. Outdoor activities were restrained, so indoor toys dominated search queries such as Lego, but not only. In the UK, France and Germany puzzles grew quickly in ranks and in Spain the plush octopus gained outstanding popularity by the end of the year.

And 4 curiosities:

  1. What is the preferred brand across Europe? Lego
  2. PS5 was launched in November, when people started looking for buying it? June 2020
  3. What were the most searched households items in 2020? Toilet paper was among the top 5 queries since March 2020.
  4. Face masks became top queries across Europe in 2020 but UK users were the only who decreased their purchase intent in Q4 2020.

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* Footnote: all of the above is not official data from Amazon, but data obtained from Witailer Intelligence  for specific keywords and categories for the purpose of this article.