How Imballaggi 2000 improved its organic conversion on Amazon leveraging on Premium Content and Power Images

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September 22, 2021


Imballaggi 2000 Packaging Solutions was born in 2010 as an e-commerce brand of BFM Srl, a company that has been operating in the packaging sector for over 20 years. Imballaggi 2000 expanded its presence on Amazon in 2017 and started to collaborate with Witailer to accelerate its growth. The brand offers a large range of products (over 1000 SKUs) on in a sector that was thought to be less brand-aware and highly competitive where the price is the first factor leading to conversion.

In 2020 we had observed a gradual increase in competition on, with newcomers offering similar products. For that reason, in the second half of 2020, we advised our client to differentiate its offer not only in terms of pricing but also leveraging on premium content in order to increase conversion and protect its leading position gained throughout the years. The strategy that was deployed was to improve its Amazon product pages by creating premium customized assets such as Power Images and A+ pages.


The opportunity

Power images are “informative pictures” that can be used on Amazon in addition to the “main” product image and in place of the more traditional “secondary” images (lateral views of the product on a white background), in order to communicate in a more effective and impactful way the key value points and product features of the product to favor conversion. In 2020 we identified the exploitation of power images as the primary area of improvement for our client’s products.


The target

Improve the conversion rate on already existing products using premium content, particularly Power Images.


The strategy

  • Phase 1 – Product Identification: Identifying priority products, through the analysis of sell-out, organic conversion rate, and traffic (glance views)
  • Phase 2 – Analysis and Key Message identification: Analyzing key questions and reviews on top product categories to identify which strategic and core messages to communicate to customers through the use of Power Images.
  • Phase 3 – Implementation: Witailer developed a set of approximately 130 strategic product-specific images highlighting key specific product features (identified in phase 2) and these were applied to over 300 Amazon product pages.

Timing of implementation: October – December 2020
Monitoring of Results: H1 2021

Advanced content Amazon     Advanced content Amazon     Advanced content Amazon      Advanced content Amazon


Main results

We observed a positive trend YoY in the conversion rate: in fact, comparing H1 2021 vs H1 2020 (with 2020 already having more favorable performance due to the effect of lockdown on online purchasing) we recorded +139 bps in organic CR. Moreover, benchmarking product cluster with Power Images (cluster A) vs the one without Power Images (cluster B) the increase in conversion for cluster A was +100% vs. cluster B.


Key takeaways

Increasing competition on marketplaces such as Amazon requires brands to further differentiate themselves and strengthen brand awareness through the use of smart and customized premium content such as Power Images. As with our client Imballaggi2000, these have been proven to positively influence conversion rates by highlighting product features, key selling points and simultaneously recalling the brand identity through fonts, colors, and style.



Glance Views: The number of times a Product Detail Page on Amazon is viewed
Conversion Rate: The number of orders generated for a Product Page visit
UX: user experience


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