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Amazon Full Service

  • Marketplace Integration: support for the integration of the Amazon channel (EU, USA, UAE, IN, JP, AU) with the brand’s e-commerce or ERP
  • Setup of Seller or Vendor Central account and Amazon Advertising
  • Creation of brand stores and advanced content (Brand A+ pages or Enhanced branded content)
  • Creation and optimisation of catalogue content
  • Content indexing to improve organic visibility
  • Definition and setup of promotional and repricing plan
  • Development of a marketing and merchandising plan
  • Stock optimisation for Amazon
  • Users feedback and review management: creation of templates personalised on your needs, and operational assistance for customers’ reviews and questions moderation
  • Tracking and Advanced Reporting on performance with Vendor Analytics, Seller Analytics, Advertising Analytics

Amazon Advertising Management

  • Definition of a 360 degree plan for Amazon Advertising solutions on Seller and Vendor Central, to increase awareness, brand consideration and product page visits
  • Analysis and identification of the most relevant keywords for traffic volume and product, through Amazon SEO and proprietary keyword research tools
  • Management of Amazon Display Advertising and Programmatic campaigns with DSP in self-service and Amazon Sponsored Search with focus on Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Product Display
  • Real-time optimisation through platforms that allow personalisation and objectives, KPI and performance management (e.g. time parsing)
  • Tracking and advanced reporting with different levels of detail and insights through Advertising Analytics

Witailer Analytics & Intelligence


Proprietary software that provides an immediate overview of your brand’s competitive positioning within Amazon, that allows to maximise the channel efficiency and have accurate and timely KPI to improve your results.

Witailer Marketplace intelligence supports you in every relevant decisional process, such as how to optimise product page indexing, improve your discoverability, and on which and how many products take action to improve customer experience.

Witailer Marketplace Intelligence can be personalised for each brand in order to analyse and optimise pricing, categories, performance, marketing spend, user reviews, etc.

Potential applications:

  • Full tracking of Amazon performance
  • Tracking of different e-tailer prices
  • Tracking and insights on reviews
  • Market share analysis

Marketplace Strategy

  • Identification of best marketplaces for your brand in terms of traffic and growth
  • Support in the integration and activation of products and operational flows
  • Analysis and evaluation of current performance of the marketplace channel compared to the competition
  • Development of an investment plan to define achievable revenue objectives
  • Amazon investment assessment and planning of Amazon advertising investment to maximise results for Amazon Retail, Marketplace, Subscribe and Save, PrimeNow programs
  • Elaboration of assortment strategies dedicated to the marketplace channel and e-commerce
  • Support of new product launches: insight on best practices, quantification of market opportunities and of the initial investment required
  • Ad-hoc launch of brands and products on the channel: development of a business plan for private labels, including a complete P&L with revenue and quantified costs