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Witailer Intelligence is a proprietary platform that provides brands with a complete view on their Amazon performance and helps them improve their performance in relation to their competitors.

Witailer Intelligence provides brands with information at an optimal level of detail in every area of the sales funnel, from research trends, to organic positioning and sponsored share of voice, up to all the factors that optimize the conversion rate.


Share of Page (or Share of Voice) Analysis for the most searched keywords related to your product, to identify opportunities to improve both organic research and sponsored advertising visibility, compared to competitors. The tracking allows to improve media investments on the channel, maximizing sales performance and ROAS.

With Search Intelligence or Discoverability, you can measure the Average First Position, the percentage of time that your brand appears in the first 3 slots and other metrics to plan the right spending budget.





Qualitative tracking of your content and changes in titles, bullet points, descriptions, images, premium content, variations of your products, and more.

This function allows you to obtain more information on how your brand’s products (those sold by third parties too) appear to customers in comparison to those of your competitors.


Buy Box

Allows to discover your current performance and the sales opportunities lost due to product availability or price competition, by leveraging the analysis of metrics such as Out of Stock%, BuyBox Share, and others.

These KPIs help you to identify products with low performance and make decisions on how to improve product availability or pricing.



Monitoring prices on Amazon at category, brand and single product level. This tool allows to compare prices to your RRP (recommended retail price), analyzing the price evolution in time and the volatility level of your products, and pinpoint Seller competitiveness for your brand.

Sales Share

This section allows you to estimate your monthly market share on Amazon’s websites, compared to your competitors, and to know which sales share of your products is generated by other vendors.


Customer Voice

This function enables you to have an overview of your customer reviews on Amazon and others e-tailers. This information will allow you to best optimise your product pages, providing customers with the right information.

The Customer Voice module can be completed with an offer dedicated to brands, to actively manage questions, answers, and reviews.


With Witailer Analytics, through the connection with Amazon’s APIs, brands can analyze in detail their sales and advertising performance. Thanks to these interactive dashboards it’s possible to easily understand what is affecting your sales and how to improve your performance. Dashboards are available both for Vendors and Sellers.


Vendor e Seller Analytics

This detailed report enables you to analyze your sales performance on the different Amazon marketplaces, segmenting the performance at single ASIN/SKU level. The report also shows your stock level in Amazon’s warehouses, highlighting the possible risk of incurring in long-term stocking fees. Thanks to this report it’s possible to improve sales performance, minimizing the chances of going out of stock.

Advertising Analytics

This advanced report allows to monitor Amazon sponsored ads performance (Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands), with keywords, search terms, products, product categories and promotional campaigns analysis, enabling you to optimize your performance and maximize your ROAS.