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In 2020, Witailer doubles its clients’ growth on Amazon: +350M managed and the team continues to grow

In 2020, Witailer doubles its clients’ growth on Amazon: +350M managed and the team continues to grow

Witailer, the Italian startup founded by Federico Salina and Jana Nurmukhanova that offers solutions for brand launch on Amazon, has achieved two important milestones last November 2020.

The first one is in relation to the revenue obtained on Amazon for the brands that are managed by Witailer: after Black Friday they have surpassed +€350M and after November they have registered an average growth of 140% vs. the same month last year.


Federico Salina comments on the results highlighting, “Seeing these numbers is a huge deal for us as we are going through an investment acceleration as well. On our clients we see an investment growth of 120%, which boosts our general revenue as a company, sign that the brands we represent are always trying to obtain more from Amazon’s ecosystem”.

In relation to the second milestone, the Witailer team has grown exponentially: in only 3 years we have reached 40 employees, which represents +100% vs. last year. Still, the company foresees more headcount for 2021.

“In 2020 not only we have increased the resources allocated to consultancy, but to software development of our internal tools as well. Nowadays, with our Witailer Intelligence software we support brands in a full funnel optic, from new client acquisition to inventory level optimization on Amazon’s warehouses. This allows us to improve all aspects that impact on final results”, claims Federico Salina.

Witailer, founded in 2017 by Amazon ex-senior managers, helps multinational and medium-sized companies to increase their sales on Amazon and marketplaces. The company currently works with different industry sectors, amongst which 3M, Barilla, De Longhi and Moleskine. Contact us to learn more about us.