Marketplace Intelligence

Witailer Marketplace Intelligence gives brands a complete picture of their performance on Amazon (IT, DE, UK, ES, FR and USA) and other online marketplaces/e-retailers and allows them to monitor, improve and compare their performance to core competitors.

Witailer Marketplace Intelligence provides companies with actionable and timely data to be able to identify and act on top offenders for price discount, price volatility, catalog quality, availability, customer reviews, etc.

Catalog Quality

Continuously monitor the quality of your content and see the changes that took place over time for your product titles, bullet points, descriptions, images, premium content, variations and much more. This module allows you to also gather information on how your brand’s products (including products sold by third-party sellers) appear to customers compared to your peers

Discoverability &
Discoverability +

Analysis of your Share of Page (or Share of Voice) for top searched keywords related to your products to identify the opportunities exist to improve both your organic and sponsored discoverability vs peers.

Discoverability+ module allows you to also measure Average First Position, top placement share, top 3 placements share and other metrics at a granular level of detail.


Discover what is your current performance and sales opportunity lost due to product availability (or price competitiveness) through metrics such as Out of Stock %, Prime Share and 3P Buybox share. These metrics allow you to zero in on the underperforming products and take quick actions to improve product buyability.

Price Monitoring

Understand your daily/weekly/monthly pricing trends on Amazon and other online retailers at category, brand and product level. The tool allows you to compare the prices to your RRP (or internally set list price), see how this evolves over time and analyze the level of price volatility on your products. It also allows you to understand the competitiveness of other Sellers/Amazon and compare your pricing to your core competitors.

Customer Experience &
Customer Experience +

Get a monthly overview of your customers’ feedback on Amazon and other e-tailers and uncover customer views and trends. This information will help you better optimize your product detail pages and provide right information to customers.

Customer Experience+ module will offer you deeper level insights into customer sentiment based on analysis of last month’s reviews and questions/answers of clients.

Market Share

Get a monthly estimate of your market share on Amazon relative to your core tracked peers and understand what share of your sales may be going to other sellers and to which specific sellers. This module enables you to track your sell-out performance not only vs your objectives but vs the overall category and core competitors.

Amazon Seller Advanced Reporting
(only available to Sellers)

Detailed reports that allow you to see your sales performance on Amazon across all locales, analyzing performance at ASIN/SKU level. The report also provides you with a view of Marketplace and FBA fees at product level, view of your current stock situation, understand where there is a risk to incur long term storage FBA fees, and consult the replenishment alerts, which include recommended restock quantity.

Amazon Advertising Advanced Reporting

Detailed report covering Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads performance (Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands) allowing to deep dive at keyword, search term, product, product category and campaign level, allowing the brand to optimize their performance and maximize ROAS. Monitor your spend and performance at product level and set more accurate goals with this report.