Consulting & Strategy

Full Service Marketplace

Amazon Advertising Management

Witailer Marketplace Intelligence

1. Consulting & Strategy

  • Identification of most suitable marketplaces for the brand based on traffic and growth opportunities
  • Market share estimate
  • Competitor analysis to evaluate current marketplace performance compared to other players
  • Creation of an action plan to define levers of growth and investment required in order to set objective revenue targets and maximize ROI
  • Assessment additional investment requirements and participation in Amazon programs (Pantry, Subscribe and Save, PrimeNow, etc.)
  • Stock and assortment strategy to maximize sales performance
  • New product launch support: best practice analysis, quantification of market opportunities and initial investment required
  • Launch of private label brands and channel-specific products: development of a business plan for private labels, including a P&L statement complete with revenues and costs

2. Full Service Marketplace

  • Analysis of client search behavior and search keywords to maximize the ranking and conversion rate of products
  • Marketplace integration: support in the integration of Amazon (EU, US) ), Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay, CDiscount, Spartoo, and ePrice with the main ERP systems (Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce)
  • Creation of Brand Stores and other advanced content (A+ pages o Enhanced branded content)
  • Creation and optimization of catalog to improve discoverability
  • Development and setup of promotion and repricing plan
  • Development of marketing/merchandising budget and plan
  • Definition and optimization of assortment for Amazon programs (Subscribe&Save, Pantry, Prime Now)
  • Feedback management: creation of personalized template emails, automated messaging, and A/B testing
  • Monitoring and advanced reporting on the performance and profitability

3. Amazon Advertising Management

  • Definition of an Amazon Advertising plan to improve awareness and performance
  • Analysis and identification of top keywords by product based on traffic volume and relevance
  • Management of Display, Programmatic and Search campaigns (Amazon Advertising or Amazon Marketing Services)
  • Real-time optimization through a proprietary platform that allows for the customization and management of targets, KPIs and performance
  • Advanced monitoring and reporting at various levels of granularity

4. Witailer Marketplace Intelligence

Our proprietary software gives you the possibility to: have an immediate overview of both your own and your competitor’s positioning within Amazon, optimize channel efficiency, access accurate KPIs that help you track progress of your Amazon business and improve your results.

Witailer Marketplace Intelligence supports you through all your most relevant decision-making processes, such as the indexing of your product pages, the improvement of your discoverability and the choice of what and how many products to work on to improve customer experience.

Witailer Marketplace Intelligence can be customized to each brand to facilitate analysis and optimization of prices, categories/programs, marketing spend, performance, customer reviews, etc.

Areas of application:

  • End-to-end monitoring of performance on Amazon
  • Price monitoring across e-tailers
  • Customer review monitoring and insights
  • Market share analysis
  • And much more…