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Siamo in cerca di persone di talento e out-of-the-box che si uniscano a noi in questo viaggio e rendano il nostro progetto ancora più vincente!

La nostra vision è quella di diventare la società numero 1 che offre dati, tool e servizi ai brand per crescere sui marketplace e nel digital retail in Italia e Spagna.

La nostra value proposition: “Crediamo che i marketplace online saranno la destinazione principale del commercio futuro e vogliamo aiutare le aziende ad abbracciare questo cambiamento commerciale e di marketing digitale”

Se ti senti a tuo agio in un ambiente in rapida evoluzione, sei appassionato di e-commerce e sei guidato da obiettivi ambiziosi, Witailer è il posto che fa per te.


I nostri core values hanno sempre guidato le nostre azioni, i nostri processi e il nostro mindset. Cerchiamo persone che possano abbracciarli con noi e che rappresentino un match culturale.

Questi valori riflettono il modo in cui approcciamo il business, in cui comunichiamo con tutti i nostri stakeholder e il modo in cui viviamo il nostro ambiente di lavoro.

Sono molto più che semplici parole scritte sulle nostre pareti, anzi, sono ciò che rende la nostra organizzazione così unica nel suo genere!

Roll up sleeves

Roll up Sleeves

We take full and holistic responsibility for our projects and we proactively look for ways to contribute positively and make a difference for our clients and company


Turn data into insights

We are data-driven in everything we do – we go from data to insights to recommendations/actions

Aim for the Bigger and Better

Aim for the Bigger and Better

We set ambitious goals for ourselves and our teams, we strive for continuous improvement and we have a high bar for output and results

Prioritize results

Prioritize Results

We work with an 80/20 approach focusing on the most relevant priorities, consistently getting things done and delivering results that speak for themselves

Structure and Semplify

Structure and Simplify

We work to build consistent and easy to apply processes, we have a knack for automating and simplifying, and we love sharing and applying best practices

Listen to your customer

Listen to your customer

Our clients and their business are our priority – we understand their needs and work to exceed their expectations

Work Together

Work Together

We love working together, building on each other’s ideas and sharing our knowledge and experiences together

Innovative while being Scrappy

Innovative while being Scrappy

We love to solve challenges for our clients in new and innovative ways and when faced with the dilemma, we prefer the quick and scrappy vs perfect but slow


❤️ Wellness/Welfare

🌈 Diversity & Inclusion

📚 Continuous Learning and Development

🕦 Smart Working and Flexible Vacations

🌍 International Environment

🏓 Team Buildings

☕ Coffee and Snacks

⚽ Foosball Table


Il nostro team si compone di talenti, perché sappiamo che assumere persone brillanti è l’ingrediente più importante per ottenere grandi risultati e dedichiamo tutta la passione e l’impegno necessari nel nostro processo di recruiting!

La struttura dei colloqui può variare a seconda della posizione aperta di riferimento, ma qui puoi farti un’idea degli step che potresti incontrare.

step 1

HR interview

Incontrerai una persona del nostro Talent Acquisition team per una chiacchierata in cui avremo modo di conoscerti, di ascoltare la tua esperienza e risponderemo a qualsiasi domanda iniziale che potresti avere su Witailer o sul ruolo per cui ti stai candidando.
step 2

Technical interview

I dati sono uno dei nostri asset più importanti. Il valore aggiunto che possiamo portare ai nostri clienti risiede nella nostra capacità di combinare dati e analisi per trovare insights approfonditi per fornire la strategia ideale.

Per questo motivo, potresti avere l’opportunità di mostrare le tue capacità attraverso un analytical assessment.

step 3

In-house interview

Siamo un team appassionato e “work together” riflette il nostro modo di lavorare, nonché uno dei nostri valori.

Crediamo che il colloquio debba essere anche un’opportunità per farti sapere con chi lavorerai e per porre quante più domande possibili a diversi interlocutori per farti fare la miglior scelta ragionata possibile.

Durante questa fase ti chiederemo circa due ore del tuo tempo, durante le quali organizzeremo 3 colloqui in loop con 3 diversi membri del team Witailer.


Welcome aboard

In questa fase finale approfondiremo insieme tutti i diversi aspetti sul tuo ingresso in Witailer come la data di inizio e il tuo inquadramento.

Cosa dicono le nostre persone


Content Lead

In 2018 I received my Master’s degree in Marketing Management and after my first professional experiences in Milan, I got a better understanding of what for me was most valuable and rewarding in a job. That’s when I came across the Marketing and Content Specialist internship position at Witailer, and from the very first day here I’ve felt welcomed in a team of brilliant young individuals where the contribution of each employee is valued and critical to the growth and evolution of the company. In the 2 years since my arrival, I’ve witnessed our team growing from only 10 to 50 people and our clients generating more than 500M in revenues. Today, I manage a team of 5 people and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me here!


Client Strategist

Joining Witailer in early 2018 allowed me to feed my need for innovation and change. In the last three years, I had the chance to closely see the growth of what is now a tremendous team. I’ve contributed to the development from scratch of the technological assets: I’ve had my ideas listened to, tested and (some of them) adopted. I’ve learned to deal with (a lot!) of data, understand the story it was telling and use it to spot future trends. But mostly, I had the chance to bring our clients the Witailer approach, helping them reach and exceed their targets. Representing the company and its values is a great responsibility but it’s also extremely fulfilling. Today, I lead a team of three Account Managers, and I feel my personal development is closely related to the company development. And that’s exactly what I was hoping my career to be.


Graphic Designer

I started working in Witailer in 2020 and during my 6 months internship, I’ve had the chance to express my opinions, to be listened to, and taken into consideration in every project I was involved in.
Witailer has always encouraged me to do my best thanks to a friendly working environment where every individual matters despite their seniority. I’ve followed exciting projects surrounded by young and dynamic teams while developing new personals skills.
While finishing my internships and switching to full time I’ve realized that Witailer cares about its employees and their voices. I’m looking now forward to seeing me and my team exploring new professional avenues to push our boundaries.


Advertising Lead

Back in 2018, after having concluded a working experience in Lisbon as Digital Marketing Specialist I came back to Milan and joined the brand new Witailer team while completing my MSc in Marketing Management at Bocconi University. We were only 6 people in the team at the time and being part of a fast-growing project in a dynamic and challenging environment inspired me from the very first day. Over the last three years, I have witnessed constant and successful growth, both at a corporate and personal level. I’ve always accepted with enthusiasm the opportunity to contribute to the company’s development with my work by bringing new ideas and trying to overcome the daily challenges of stepping outside from my comfort zone. My role as an Advertising Lead allows me to improve myself every day, thinking out of the box to develop new solutions for my clients and for the people of the team I manage. I’m looking forward to challenging myself further and seeing what’s next here!


Business Insights Analyst

I started my experience in Witailer in 2019. During these 2 years, I have experienced firsthand the exponential growth that has brought us today to be a team of more than 50 people present in multiple countries!
Throughout this period, I had the opportunity to grow hand in hand with the company, actively participating in R&D and client-facing activities. This opportunity led me to manage projects of increasing complexity by developing both technical and business skills.
This growth is mainly due to the team, composed of extraordinarily motivated and competent young people who are always willing to learn new things and ready to share their knowledge.

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