Grow your brand on Amazon and online marketplaces

We provide solutions to make brands thrive on Amazon and other leading e-marketplaces

witailer provides solutions to make brands thrive on Amazon and other leading e-marketplaces.

Founded by ex Senior Managers of Amazon, Witailer supports brands from strategic assessment, definition of strategy and business intelligence to full marketplace management and marketing execution.

It’s really exciting to extend our partnership with Witailer to a wider scope to further benefit from the invaluable business insights and execution we have seen to date. The unique approach of Witailer and the results delivered in the Italian market have been the major driver behind our choice.

Andy Fernley, e-Channel Manager di 3M

Online sales are moving to e-marketplaces and eCommerce influencing customer behavior offline continues to grow.

Many companies are already exploiting this trend, others are lagging behind.

  • Over 80% of offline shoppers get informed about products online, and not just on the brand’s eCommerce store, but primarily marketplaces like Amazon
  • In 2017 marketplaces have driven for more than 50% of online sales, generating $1.6 trillion at global level and growing +27% year-on-year
  • In China, eCommerce penetration is as high as 24% with the market leader, T-mall (Alibaba), accounting for 57% of online sales in 2017
  • Advertising spending on Amazon is expected to grow 40% in 2018, beating both Facebook (25%) and Google (15%)
  • Online marketplace landscape is continuously evolving: there are more than 220 online marketplaces today (39 in Germany, 24 in France and 14 in Italy) and new ones are being opened every year (e.g. Carrefour, Yandex , El Cortè Ingles)

Our goal is to provide you with competitive advantage on this important channel by maximizing growth and optimizing the performance/investment of your business


We work with international companies to grow their performance globally on e-marketplaces. Specifically our solutions are tailored to:

  • Brands aiming to define a strategy to start and accelerate sales online through a marketplace channel
  • Brands aiming to gain better control over their brand image and direct sales on marketplaces
  • Brands aiming to maximize growth on e-marketplace channels and optimize ROI
  • Digital Agencies looking for a partner to integrate Amazon and other e-marketplaces into their existing solution


  • Witailer belongs to the Solution Provider Network for Amazon Global Selling


Our approach is unique:

  • Technology – we have a set of proprietary tools that help us and our clients make data-driven decisions: 1) Witailer Market Intelligence tools that help top brands define and refine over time their growth strategy on Amazon; 2) Advertising and Retail tools that help companies achieve better performance on Amazon and other marketplaces and optimize the ROI of investments
  • Full service – we offer strategic consulting solutions to help you integrate your business on Amazon and other e-marketplaces (whether as Vendor and as Seller) into your overall strategy. We then take care of managing activities such as online catalog optimization, inventory synchronization, promotional/pricing activities and advertising
  • International approach – we have an international and multilingual team (Italian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian) ready to support brands noth only with their local growth, but also with scaling their business to European, American and other global markets
  • Scale – our performance-driven business model is targeted not only to Amazon but also other marketplaces like eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Spartoo, CDiscount and more