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We have big plans for the future

We are looking for talented out-of-the-box people to join us on this journey and make our project even more successful!

Our vision is to become the #1 company operating on Marketplace Solutions and digital retail in Southern Europe.

Our unique value proposition: “We believe online marketplaces will be the main destination of future commerce and we want to help companies to embrace this digital commercial and marketing shift”.

If you’re at ease in a fast-changing environment, you’re passionate about e-commerce and you’re driven by ambitious goals, Witailer is the place for you.

Our culture

Our core values have always guided our actions, practices, and mindset. We are looking for people who could embrace them too, and are a good match for us.

These values reflect how we do business, how we communicate with all of our stakeholders, and how our Witailer Culture is fully lived.

Sono molto più che semplici parole scritte sulle nostre pareti, anzi, sono ciò che rende la nostra organizzazione così unica nel suo genere!

Our values

being scrappy

We love to solve challenges for our clients in new and innovative ways and when faced with the dilemma, we prefer the quick and scrappy vs perfect but slow.

and simplify

We work to build consistent and easy to apply processes, we have a knack for automating and simplifying, and we love sharing and applying best practices.

Aim for the
bigger and better

We set ambitious goals for ourselves and our teams, we strive for continuous improvement and we have a high bar for output and results.

Listen to
your customer

Our clients and their business are our priority – we understand their needs and work to exceed their expectations.


We love working together, building on each other’s ideas and sharing our knowledge and experiences together.

Roll up

We take full and holistic responsibility for our projects and we proactively look for ways to contribute positively and make a difference for our clients and company.


We work with an 80/20 approach focusing on the most relevant priorities, consistently getting things done and delivering results that speak for themselves.

Turn data
into insights

We are data-driven in everything we do – we go from data to insights to recommendations/actions.

What matters to you matter to us

🌍 Smart Working
📚 Continuous Learning
🕦 Flexible Time
❤️ Wellness/Welfare
🌈 Diversity & Inclusion
☕ Coffee and Snacks
⚽ Foosball Table
🏓 Team Buildings


Meet the Team


This team oversees the Digital Advertising (Search and Display) strategy for our top clients on (and off) marketplaces, driving the planning, setup and optimization of marketing strategies on various advertising platforms through advanced technology. 

“Being a strategic partner for our clients means understanding their needs, supporting them in complex decisions, and guiding them in a fast-paced environment. Data is the root of our job and through its analysis we can make forecasts, anticipate trends and adjust strategies to make brands reach their objectives and strive for excellence.”


“Advertising specialists are responsible for a great part of the client’s performances and every day they have to make important decisions about the strategy to follow. Data is our best friend. Always remember: “Measure it so you can manage it.”



This team aims to optimize content for marketplaces, analyzing, reviewing and implementing content strategies to improve brand positioning, increase organic traffic and maximize conversion rate.

“A key objective of our team is to leverage all the tools available to help our clients protect, and above all strengthen, their brand identity on marketplaces such as Amazon.”


“Our job is to optimize the Clients’ catalogues and provide customers with informative, interesting and engaging content, ranging from textual descriptions to visuals.”


Account Management

This team is a strategic thought partner to the client, working closely to develop their business plan and lead initiatives to significantly grow their brands and revenues on eMarketplaces. They manage the project end-to-end, building in the meantime a long term relationship with the client, analyzing key business metrics, and driving implementation to reach the business targets. 

“Be open and perceptive: to succeed as a Client Strategist you have to listen to your customers’ needs and leverage data to make strategic decisions, driving their growth in the complex Amazon ecosystem.”


“We are the bridge between customers and each Witailer team, which makes every day different and full of challenges but also full of rewards when clients’ accounts grow and perform well.”


Business Intelligence

Our Business Insights Analysts and Data Scientists play a crucial role in the R&D process, acting as product managers for our proprietary data platforms and supporting the Software Innovation team in the creation of new tools, reports and solutions. They continuously study and refine our algorithms with data science and machine learning techniques and execute strategic consulting and analytical projects for clients.

“Too much data risks being like no data without a story that sums it all up. Our team is there to help our clients read it and take the best actions for their success.”


“Beyond each number, there is a story to be told. The aim of the Business Intelligence team is going from quantitative to qualitative data to provide clients with valuable insights that can help them succeed in the complex environment of e-marketplaces”


Software Innovation

Our Software Innovation department develops and maintains one of our most important assets: our technology. Our Witailer Intelligence analytics platform and tools help brands understand the e-marketplace competitive panorama, track improvements in terms of inputs and output KPIs, operatively act changes and make correct business decisions.

“The ideal Software Innovation team should comprise a good balance of creativity and independence to achieve more without too much bias from the outside. On the other side, being influenced by the clients (even the internal ones) is the key value to innovate.”


“Do you want to live your professional life from one R&D day to another? Here in Witailer, we have a huge opportunity to create something big we are not going to miss.”



This team plays a crucial role in developing and executing plans to increase the adoption of our tools and services discovering potential business opportunities with prospects at local and international level and supporting the correct setup of projects.

“For the Business Development team, the main goal is not to sell a product or a service but to approach customers with the idea of helping them solve their problems and achieve results”


“Mutual benefits and win-win strategies are the only ways to be considered partners and to reach long term business relationships.”


People & Culture

This team takes care of the full Witailer employee lifecycle, translating organisational priorities into defined actions for attracting, developing and retaining talents, stimulating a workplace that values individual contributions and promoting a people centric culture.

“HR is about putting the company and the people at the center. It’s finding the right person for the right role, seeing them grow and making sure they have all the tools to achieve their goals, supporting them to find the right motivation. A successful company is made of satisfied people!”


“Working in the People & Culture Team gives me the possibility to choose the right candidates for the right place! HR is not only that…but also, in this role, I have the chance to make this company and the people working here great.”


Product Management

This Department deals with the needs of our clients, designs new products, and guides the go-to-market strategy. The product management team focuses on research, design, marketing, and growth of Witailer’s products on the international market.

“We make sure our solutions exceed the customer’s expectations by the continuous discovery of new needs. Our team design outstanding solutions to help our customer with marketplace strategy and execution.”


“As Product Managers, we fall in love with our customer challenges. This deep understanding is critical to designing effective tools.”


How we hire

Our team is composed of strong talents, because we know that hiring bright people is the most important ingredient to achieve great things and we put passion and commitment in our recruiting process!

The interviews’ structure may vary depending on the open position, but here you can get an idea of how we hire.


HR interview

You will meet with a member of our Talent Acquisition team for a chat in which we will get to know you, learn about your experience and answer any initial questions you might have about Witailer or the role you are applying for.


Technical interview

Data is one of our most important assets. The added value we can bring to our clients lies in our ability to combine data and analysis to find deeper insights to deliver the ideal strategy.

For this reason, you will eventually have the opportunity to show your skills through an analytical assessment.


In-house Interview

We are a passionate team and “work together” reflects our way of working, as well as one of our core values.

We believe that the interview should also be an opportunity to let you know who you will work with and ask as many questions as possible to different interlocutors in order to let you make the best reasoned choice.

During this step we will ask for about two hours of your time, during which we will organize 3 interviews in a loop with 3 different members of the Witailer team.


Welcome aboard

We will, at this final stage, discuss the technicalities of your employment at Witailer, such as start date and salary.


Get ready for your next adventure, join our team!

If you are considering working with us, have a peek at our Instagram Account. There’s no better way to understand what we do than by have it told directly by our people and their personal experiences!
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