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We support companies seize the opportunities offered by digital retail every day thanks to a perfect mix of experience and technology.

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How it all started

It was in early 2017 when Federico Salina, CEO, and Jana Nurmukhanova, COO, had the idea of building Witailer. At the time, the two of them were still working at Amazon and they were in charge of category management on the Retail/1P side: Federico in the Consumer Goods division and Jana in the Consumer Electronics one.

On a weekly basis we were coming into contact with brands who were seeking support and data that could help them further grow their business. We realized that we were in a unique position to provide the support also because we had previous experience supporting third party Sellers in the Amazon 3P team. - states Jana.

Fast forward to September 2017: Federico and Jana left Amazon and embarked on the journey to build a managed services company with a strong reliance on data and technology to support brands in their expansion on e-marketplaces.

The rest is history! Today we are a growing team, supporting over 100 brands across the EU and US, UAE, Australia and Japan.


“I am the co-founder and CEO of Witailer and my objective is to make sure that our clients continue to grow fast, driven by our cutting edge marketplace solutions and a brilliant team.

Before Witailer, I worked in banking, fast moving consumer goods industry and e-commerce: I spent 5 years at Amazon focusing on Marketplace, Fulfillment by Amazon and Retail business development, launching the CPG business in Italy & Spain. In the last couple of years my weekends have significantly changed: from skiing and kitesurfing to playing with my two small kids (waiting until we can do some sports together soon).”

Federico Salina

Founder & CEO


“My name is Jana and I am the co-founder and the COO of Witailer. In Witailer I look after the Advertising and Business Intelligence functions along with Accounting/Finance and HR.

Before Witailer, I worked as a Senior Manager at Amazon leading categories like PC and Kitchen in Italy and Spain and as a consultant at McKinsey & Company and KKR Capstone.Outside of work I like to travel and spend time with my three daughters. Fun fact about me (aside from having 3 daughters!) is that I have lived in 9 countries and speak 4 languages.”

Jana Nurmukhanova

Founder & COO

Our values

being scrappy

We love to solve challenges for our clients in new and innovative ways and when faced with the dilemma, we prefer the quick and scrappy vs perfect but slow.

and simplify

We work to build consistent and easy to apply processes, we have a knack for automating and simplifying, and we love sharing and applying best practices.

Aim for the
bigger and better

We set ambitious goals for ourselves and our teams, we strive for continuous improvement and we have a high bar for output and results.

Listen to
your customer

Our clients and their business are our priority – we understand their needs and work to exceed their expectations.


We love working together, building on each other’s ideas and sharing our knowledge and experiences together.

Roll up

We take full and holistic responsibility for our projects and we proactively look for ways to contribute positively and make a difference for our clients and company.


We work with an 80/20 approach focusing on the most relevant priorities, consistently getting things done and delivering results that speak for themselves.

Turn data
into insights

We are data-driven in everything we do – we go from data to insights to recommendations/actions.

If you are considering working with us, have a peek at our Instagram Account. There’s no better way to understand what we do than by have it told directly by our people and their personal experiences!
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