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Tackle unique business challenges with tailored solutions that drive growth and improve profitability on Amazon and top marketplaces.

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Amazon Strategy and Insights


Our solutions

Industry Reports

Our category reports provide detailed analysis and insights into current market trends, dynamics, and opportunities within a specific product category.
  • Define industry benchmarks
  • Forecast future demand
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Assessment and Insights

A tailored approach based on your business's maturity level. Get insights about your competitive scenario to build a winning strategy suitable for your context.
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Develop a prioritized roadmap
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Advertising Insights

We unlock powerful insights and optimize your advertising strategy with in-depth customer journey, Customer Lifetime Value and audience analysis.
  • Maximize ROI and profitability
  • Increases the CLV:CAC ratio
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Marketplace Strategy

We evaluate the potential of vertical and horizontal marketplaces, building dedicated strategies to maximize the awareness, growth and profitability of your brand.
  • Analyze your multichannel performances
  • Ensure Brand Consistency
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Ad-hoc Projects

Customized solutions to meet your unique business needs. From brand protection to international expansion, we've got you covered.
  • Outsource complex projects
  • Rely on experienced professionals
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E-Retail Strategy

We are part of a business ecosystem that drives retail innovation and allows you to build an unprecedented, hyper-connected and personalized shopping experience.
  • Discover new distribution channels
  • Design unique experiences
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