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Get the most out of your advertising investments with sponsored campaigns and ads optimized for your audience.

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Search Advertising

Sponsored Ads focus on the consideration and purchase stage of the customer decision-making journey.
  • Increase product visibility
  • Promote brand discovery
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Display Advertising

Sponsored Display is a retail-centric display marketing solution that helps brands grow their business by reaching audiences both on and off Amazon.
  • Intercept users at every stage of the funnel
  • Reach new audiences
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FBA Replenishment

We guarantee the constant availability of your products in adequate quantities (for Seller accounts only) by optimizing stock.
  • Rely on our forecast models
  • Contain warehouse costs
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Amazon Marketing Cloud

A secure and privacy-safe clean room solution based on Amazon Web Services to measure the efficiency of Amazon’s on and off advertising campaigns.
  • Access aggregated pseudonymized signals
  • Set custom attribution models
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Retail Operations

Maintaining a healthy catalogue is essential for the indexing of products and for providing correct information to consumers.
  • Prevent overriding by third parties
  • Outsource ticketing activities
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A/B Testing

Compare multiple versions of the same content and choose the one that gets the preference of users to maximize conversion.
  • Test both visual and textual content
  • Consult performance reports
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International Setup

Evaluate potential new opportunities in international markets and create an expansion roadmap in Europe and worldwide.
  • Optimize content localization
  • Ensure consistency between countries
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Price and Promo Strategy

Set up a strategic promotional plan and let your Deal Manager support you in the operational management of offers.
  • Monitor promotions in real time
  • Get detailed reporting
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Ad Server

A global, multichannel ad server used to create, distribute, customize, measure, and optimize campaigns across a variety of screens.
  • Measure the impact of your global investment
  • Design dynamic creative content
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