In the last 5 years we have successfully managed over 500 million euros of sales on Amazon.

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Full Service Consultancy

  • Let’s choose the best assortment for the launch together.
  • We create amazing brand stores with advanced content.
  • We develop a winning marketing and merchandising plan.
  • We guide you in integrating the Amazon channel (EU, USA, UAE, IN, JP, AU) with your e-commerce or ERP.

Amazon Advertising

  • We define a solid and consistent advertising plan.
  • We analyse the most relevant keywords for traffic volume and for your product through our constantly evolving tools.
  • We manage and optimise your Amazon Display Advertising and Programmatic campaigns in real time with self-service DSP and Amazon Sponsored Ads.
  • We provide advanced reporting that allows you to understand exactly how you are improving your performance.

Witailer Analytics & Intelligence

Witailer Intelligence is Witailer’s proprietary platform that gives brands a complete view of their Amazon positioning and helps them compare and improve their performance against competitors.

WI provides information in every area of the sales funnel, from search trends, through to organic and sponsored share of voice positioning, to factors that optimise conversion rates. This platform supports you in all your relevant decision-making processes, such as optimising the indexing of your product pages, improving your visibility, and on which and how many products to intervene on to improve the customer experience (pricing/promotions, availability, product features).


Marketplace Strategy

  • We identify the best marketplaces for your brand.
  • We develop a business plan with potential turnover and quantified costs.
  • We audit your current performance on Amazon against competitors.
  • We develop an investment plan and definition of achievable turnover targets.
  • We build assortment strategies.
  • We plan the launch of new products by quantifying the market opportunities and the required investments

More than

of revenue managed on Amazon in 2020

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products managed and maintained

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