Amazon latest news: glance views and conversion metrics now available for Vendors

Amazon Glance Views news

November 13, 2020

Marketplaces are not only an ever-changing industry, but a great data source of information. If your brand is on them, such as on Amazon, it’s always wise to keep up with news, updates, releases and best practices. 

As a result, the latest information that the worldwide American marketplace shared with Vendor, revealed that glance views and conversion metrics were incorporated into Brand Analytics reports, specifically on Sales Diagnostic, Sales Performance Trends and Traffic Reports. But what does this mean? 

But why this update’s so important?

In the first place, let’s start by some definition clarification. Glance views refers to the number of times a PDP (Product Detail Page) is viewed. This may create some confusion with the terminology “impression”, but this quantifies instead the number of visitors that viewed a specific element, for example an ad. By incorporating glance views to Brand Analytics, brands will be able going forward to plan ahead by reading, understanding and analyzing the opportunities given by the gross traffic received. This will also allow a better strategy plan, where brands could probably focus and promote most viewed products. 

On the other hand, conversion metrics will allow further analysis allowing brands to understand their sales performance with other channels. Providing this information at glance view and conversion rate is a huge advantage as the backlog information will be available too to make comparative analysis.

Since the update is still taking place and Amazon is currently working on it, there might be some missing data in the columns named “change in prior period” and “change in your prior year”. Good news is the historic backfill for the new glance view and conversion metrics will be completed by November 16th. 

Furthermore, it’s also important to mention that this update is new for Vendors, while Sellers already had this feature available some time ago.


As a digital agency focused on Amazon, Witailer has developed diverse technology solutions to help clients boost their online sales, while understanding their competitive landscape and consumer behavior as well. Consequently, Witailer Vendor Analytics will be soon integrating this update so our clients will make better business decisions moving forward. A great addition not only for 2021, but for the holiday season too. Want to know more about Vendor Analytics? Contact us.