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How Breil customized its Amazon Store for Valentine’s Day


As more and more people turn to Amazon to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts, with keywords such as “valentines gifts for him/her” being amongst the top 10 most searched on the platform in almost every European country as the festival approaches, brands have the possibility to customize their Store to leverage this trend. Amazon Stores is a free self-service product that allows brand owners to showcase their brand and products in a multipage, immersive shopping experience on Amazon.

On the occasion of this year’s Valentine’s Day, our client Breil, an Italian brand of watches, jewelry and accessories, decided to create an additional section in its Store, entirely dedicated to a selection of its products showcased as Valentine’s gift ideas for him and for her.

In the section, Breil has made large use of one of Amazon newest addition to its Stores’ features: shoppable images. These are rich lifestyle images that feature the brand’s products in different settings or in collections with complementary products. Brand can make up to six of the products present in the image as “shoppable”, meaning that customers who tap over them will see basic details such as name, price, customer ratings and Prime availability. And on top of that, they can also add the product to their basket or navigate to the product detail page.

shoppable images Breil

Inspired by the on-brand lifestyle images displaying Breil jewels and watches, customers browsing for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift are able to move from inspiration to purchase in just a few clicks, dramatically reducing the number of steps leading to the checkout and hopefully leading to an increase in sales for the brand.

In addition, Breil has also made this curated Store section the landing page of its Sponsored Brands ads, optimized to reach all those customers looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

A little tip: Amazon recently introduced the option to create multiple versions of your Store and schedule them to run during specific periods of time. A new version of the store can be created from scratch, or by copying the current one and making the desired changes, and must always be submitted for approval. With this new customization mode, you can prepare your Store in advance for temporary updates in case of special events, such as the sales period or, as here, Valentines’ Day.

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