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How the design and implementation of a high-impact product page contributed to the successful launch of Lavazza “A Modo Mio Voicy” on Amazon


In 2021 Lavazza and Amazon collaborated on the creation of a new innovative espresso machine integrated with Alexa. Being the product particularly innovative and unique of its kind, it was necessary to illustrate its characteristics to the consumer carefully, balancing a detailed explanation with a captivating communication.

For the launch of A Modo Mio Voicy, Lavazza entrusted Witailer with designing and implementing a high-impact product page. Our work focused on two key aspects: texts and graphic assets.

For textual parts (title, bullet points, description) we optimized from an SEO perspective to underline the key features of the product with the terms most used, and above all most searched, by Amazon users, while always ensuring consistency with the brand’s tone of voice.

Contenuto avanzato Amazon
Contenuto avanzato Amazon

On the graphic level, it was essential to create a style in line with the customer’s cross-channel communication and consistent within the product page on Amazon. So how have we been able to do this? Starting with corporate assets, our graphic designer created a background with a dark blue gradient and blue neon waves/lines recalling the light that indicates that Alexa is active. We then reproduced this style on all the graphics on the page, including power images and A + Premium.

While it is mandatory for each listing to have at least one main image displaying the product on a white background, it is useful to also upload up to 8 secondary images in the so-called “power images” form, namely product images that highlight main product features or benefits, used to increase conversion rate, address customers complaints and give shoppers more details about the product enhancing the overall shopping experience.

In the design of power images for Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy, we decided to associate a key feature of the product and its functioning with each image. For example, the images below show how to personalize your coffee, and automate the reordering of capsules.

Contenuto avanzato Amazon
Contenuto avanzato Amazon

As far as the A + Premium pages are concerned, we chose to emphasize the key information of the product by representing them graphically, with the espresso machine taking the spotlight and including all the relevant logos: Lavazza, Alexa, and the “Piacere Lavazza” mobile app for coffee personalization (required for the set up of the machine).

The three different modules we chose to use to create the A + Premium page were:

  • Product Video: very useful for showing the machine at 360 degrees and for highlighting all its functions in a more interactive way;
  • Premium Images: which allow you to obtain a “single page” effect, in which we have included impacting assets such as the two mouths asking Alexa for an espresso as the first banner;
  • Product Spotlight: to highlight the technical specifications of the machine, essential to help the consumer in a more informed choice of his appliance.
Contenuto avanzato Amazon

This result would not have been possible without an ongoing, thorough dialogue and feedback with Lavazza for aligning the communication on Amazon to the other channels, coordinated by the team from Witailer composed of an Account Manager, a Content Specialist, and a Graphic Designer.

“Working with the Lavazza team always offers us great opportunities and incentives. The launch of Voicy on Amazon has seen us involved from the beginning, allowing us to immediately understand the brand’s priorities, thus managing to work to offer the best customer experience on the channel for this unique product!” Michela Lucci, Client Strategist at Witailer

Check out the live page on Amazon at this link!

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