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Enhancing NaturVital's brand presence on through SEO

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To effectively position your brand and products on Amazon, mastering SEO is a key factor. It is vital to comprehend how consumers search within your categories, identify trends, leverage high-volume keywords, understand competitors' strategies, and incorporate these insights into content development. Optimizing products based on these factors can lead to sales conversion increases of more than 30%, as demonstrated below.

Securing a position on the first page, preferably in the top positions, guarantees greater visibility, more visits to the product page, and, consequently, increased sales opportunities. These positions instill confidence in buyers on the platform.

Next, we'll outline the steps we follow when creating SEO-oriented product page content, using the successful case of NaturVital, a company in the natural beauty sector with a focus on environmental responsibility, particularly in hair products and treatments (shampoos, masks, serums).


Information analysis: thoroughly research the brand and products to identify standout features, benefits, and usage patterns;

Competitor reference: conduct a comprehensive analysis of competitors with high rankings to pinpoint crucial elements they emphasize;

Keyword research: perform both frontend and backend keyword research to identify the most relevant words for each category and subcategory. Utilizing tools like our STAT tool helps identify high-search-volume words on Amazon, along with their seasonality and recent increases;

Implementation on the product page: integrate the most crucial and high-volume keywords into the product title. Additionally, include them in bullet points, product descriptions, and the backend, incorporating misspelled words and products related to subcategories.

Replication across all products: maintain consistency by following the same structure across all brand products. This ensures that customers, when searching for various items, encounter a uniform presentation of information, facilitating easy comparisons.

Product page after optimization


Implementing this SEO plan within NaturVital's Amazon optimization strategy yielded impressive results:

  • Average product views increased by +29%, and the conversion rate improved by +8% compared to the previous period;
  • In comparison to the previous year, there was a remarkable +652% surge in product views and a conversion rate boost of +35.3%.

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