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From insight to execution: how Witailer reinterpreted De’Longhi Group product images

Small Appliances

The client

De’ Longhi Group is one of the leading global players in the small appliance field and distributes its products in over 120 markets. De’Longhi’s brand portfolio offers a wide range of solutions in different categories, ranging from coffee machines to blenders.

Among the most well-known brands in the group’s portfolio, there are De’Longhi, Braun and Kenwood, for which Witailer has been offering content creation & optimization services for Amazon Europe and Australia since 2021. As a natural follow-up to the collaboration, De’ Longhi asked for our team’s support to carry out a detailed market analysis to gather information on how to make the best Power Images for their brands.

De Longhi power images

What are Power Images

What in Witailer we call Power Images are “talking” product images, that are capable of describing the main characteristics of the product with the use of “specially chosen” text and graphics. The use of power images within the product page:

  • Improves users’ perception of the product’s “premiums” level;
  • Helps users find the information they are looking for about the product, increasing its conversion rate;
  • Reduces the gap between users’ expectations and reality, and thus improves both the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of reviews.

The brief

De’ Longhi asked us to develop a complete set of Power Images for 9 products, each one belonging to a different category. The final goal of the customer was to use these images as templates for each category, to be adapted and declined internally on all its products in the 5 main European markets (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK).

In addition, Witailer was asked to develop a detailed analysis of the competitive scenario in the various categories and to prepare a set of guidelines for the realization of Power Images, including policies & best practices.

The process

The final product was the result of a strong collaboration between our Content Management and Business Intelligence team, which together identified the best structure & content to give to the Power Images of each brand and product category.

In particular:

  • Our content team focused on market analysis and analyzed the best practices of the 9 main competitors of De’ Longhi, Braun, and Kenwood in European markets;
  • The intelligence team analyzed the questions of Amazon users for the 30 most representative products of each of the 8 categories in the project perimeter.

In this way, the team was able to identify the customers’ main points of interest and use them to build the Power Images.

Braun power images

The output

We have provided De’ Longhi with a detailed guide to creating Power Images for the Amazon channel, complete with information about channel policies, images’ technical characteristics, and best practices.

In addition, this guide contains a set of 6 template images for each of the 8 categories. These images, designed to be easily adaptable to multiple products and markets, have been developed by Witailer’s graphic team in compliance with the brand guidelines provided by De’ Longhi, Braun, and Kenwood.

The final output was presented to the brand representatives, who were able to provide their feedback and ask questions about the methodology and the data analysis process.

Kenwood power images
“The output provided by Witailer was excellent and exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and content. What particularly impressed us was the strategic focus of the entire project: thanks to its technology, Witailer was able to provide us fundamental insights of our online consumers. This level of detail has allowed us to make the most of the available assets to better meet the needs of our target market.” Nandin Hajdarevic, Group Amazon Marketing Specialist, De’Longhi

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