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How Witailer supported Acer in strategically restructuring its Brand Stores for 9 countries on Amazon

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Having a Brand Store on Amazon has become a vital tool for brands to offer their customers and potential buyers an exceptional experience. This exclusive space within Amazon allows brands to showcase their products in a personalized way, aligned with their brand objectives. To better understand its structure and get tips on leveraging it, we invite you to read our article on what an Amazon Brand Store is and why having one is key to a brand's communication strategy.

The relevance of having this space lies in providing visitors with the assurance of interacting directly with the brand. Additionally, it enables prospects to explore other complementary or related products, allowing them to prioritize and organize categories and products according to business needs.

Client and goal

Below, we present a successful case highlighting the collaboration between Acer, the renowned technology company aspiring to integrate hardware, software, and services, and Witailer. Together, we carried out a strategic restructuring of their Brand Stores in 9 countries, a crucial step to maintain a consistent and effective brand presence on Amazon.

Uniformity in the brand's presence across different Brand Stores was essential to maintain a strong identity on Amazon. Adapting to different markets and defining user-friendly sections became crucial factors.


Detailed analysis and definition of specific sections, particularly focused on the Gaming category, became the centre of attention. We utilized our proprietary tool, STAT, to uncover trends and search volumes on Amazon, which guided us in this approach.

Page segmentation to enhance navigation became a priority. A special Banner was designed for the Gaming category on the main page, along with internal divisions for subcategories, thus facilitating product search.

Strategically including a Special Offers banner at the top of the main page directed users to a specific page while creating a section dedicated to the Vero line highlighted the company's commitment to the environment.

Translating and adapting content for each country ensured a more personalized experience, strengthening the emotional bond with the brand. In this step, it's also important to use tools like STAT to identify the exact words people use to search in each country.


The strategic restructuring of Acer's Brand Store in 9 countries has been notably successful. Implementing defined and adapted sections, with a special focus on the Gaming category and environmental commitment, has provided a more enriching and consistent user experience on Amazon. The collaboration increased the brand's visibility in different markets and established a deeper and more meaningful connection with customers. This lays the groundwork for continuous and sustainable growth in the e-commerce market.

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