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Premium Content & Brand Affinity: how Witailer increased the conversion rate of one of Rowenta’s key products by using A/B testing on Amazon

Small Appliances

Manage your experiments is an Amazon feature that allows Sellers and Vendors to perform A/B tests on the content of their brands’ catalogues. Doing A/B tests allows you to compare two different versions of content, in order to identify which one gets the preference of users (to know more about the A/B testing mechanism on Amazon, read this article).

Together with Groupe SEB – a global leader in the appliance industry and Witailer client since 2021 – we have selected a suitable product to run an A/B test on an A+ Premium page, using different structures and graphic resources to identify the most performing one. We chose Rowenta – one of the most famous brands of small appliances – and, in particular, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Scrubber Dryer RR7387 X-Plorer Series 50.

Strategy and goal

Since there was already A+ content independently created by the brand with its graphic resources and a standard structure, Witailer first analyzed this asset to identify any areas of improvement.

Rowenta A+:

  • No custom assets, with the use of standard Amazon font and colours;
  • Structure and modules less engaging or graphically impacting;
  • No ad hoc assets for the mobile version;
  • Not reflecting the brand identity.

Aiming to get a more engaging A+ page with interactive modules and customized resources – thereby increasing brand affinity, conversion rate and sales – Witailer also created a new A+ with custom graphics and an improved structure.

Witailer A+:

  • Custom images with the ideal format and Rowenta font, colours and style to reflect brand identity;
  • Full image «poster» effect;
  • More visual impact (100% creative assets by Witailer);
  • Interactive module with navigation buttons;
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile with ad hoc graphics.

As the last step, the team ran an A/B test for 10 weeks, monitoring the main KPIs.


After 10 weeks of A/B testing, the version created ad hoc by Witailer with premium assets (Version A) showed a much higher performance than the one created with standard A+ assets (Version B), with a 95% probability.

The results of this experiment have shown unequivocally how more engaging content and being able to respond to the questions and needs of users lead to a general improvement in the sales performance of products on the platform.

More specifically, the results obtained were as follows:

“As part of our collaboration with Groupe SEB, we are always ready to take advantage of new opportunities to help them optimize brand content. The A/B Test on an A+ Premium Page allowed us not only to create customized and attractive graphics but also to measure their concrete impact through exact KPIs, with excellent results.” Sasha Locritani, Account Manager – Witailer

“Content optimization is a key asset for our strategy. The premium content created thanks to Witailer’s consultancy on A+ pages allowed us to grow in CR and sales, especially in a part of the year with such high promotions.” Maria Paola Taglini, E-commerce Business Analyst – Groupe SEB

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