Philips Hue (Signify)
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Unlocking innovation: how Witailer supported Philips Hue in positioning as an innovative brand and reaching a premium audience

Philips Hue (Signify)
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Executive Summary

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce and digital marketing, establishing a brand as innovative and connecting with a premium audience can be quite a challenge. Signify's (Philips Hue) mission was to do just that, and they turned to Witailer for guidance. The result was a groundbreaking 3P STV campaign via Amazon DSP that not only positioned Philips Hue as an innovative brand but also significantly expanded its reach among a premium and tech-savvy audience.

The challenge

Signify (Philips Hue) had a clear objective - to be seen as an innovative brand and to reach a premium audience. Their core target audience consisted of adults with mid to high spending capacity. To achieve this, they needed a strategy that would resonate with this demographic and drive real results.

The strategy

Witailer formulated a strategy that would align perfectly with Philips Hue's target audience. They executed a 3P STV (Streaming TV) campaign via Amazon DSP, leveraging Amazon's extensive reach and data insights. This strategic choice allowed Philips Hue to reach its core audience effectively and efficiently.

Here is the video spot:

The results

The campaign yielded impressive results, showcasing the power of a well-crafted digital marketing strategy:

  • 722K Unique Reach: the campaign reached a substantial and diverse audience.
  • 96% Video Completion Rate: viewers engaged deeply with the content, indicating strong interest.
  • 5.7 Frequency: the message was effectively reinforced to create lasting impressions.

To evaluate the true impact of the campaign, metrics were used to assess its influence throughout the marketing funnel:

  • AMC Overlap analysis: this revealed that the Streaming TV campaign achieved an astounding 99.7% incremental reach when compared to Philips Hue DSP campaigns active during the same period.
  • Brand Interest: the audience showed a significant increase in brand interest, with an increase of 15 percentage points compared to those who did not see the campaign;
  • Consideration: a remarkable 16-percentage points increase in consideration was observed among exposed customers.
  • Purchase intent: the campaign also boosted the purchase intent, with exposed customers showing a 16-percentage points higher likelihood to make a purchase.

The success of this campaign was not just in the numbers but also in the feedback from the key players:

"Using AMC we discovered that the reach of Streaming TV is 99.7% incremental versus Amazon DSP campaigns. This strong AMC insight helps us to plan innovative projects like this again in order to support Philips Hue brand positioning." - Luisa Bonadeo, Head of Marketing Consumer, Signify Italy
"AMC insights enable us to prove the efficiency of our full-funnel campaign, demonstrating the incremental reach of each media touchpoint." - Beatrice Monza, Head of Retail Media, Witailer

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