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November 4, 2022

Every brand, big or small, shares one crucial need: data analysis. Data provides business with information that is essential to build the right strategy and reach the objective with higher efficiency. But the required process to have all this information might be hard sometimes: starting from the collection from all the different data sources, the “cleaning” removing duplicates and errors, and once you have come up with the result, the interpretation of it can be tricky.

An easier way for a fancy graphed visualizations

Amazon Marketing Cloud is the first step to a holistic data measurement solution. It is a dedicated cloud-based environment in which we can perform analytics across multiple, pseudonymized data sets to generate aggregated reports. Inputs can include the brand’s own data sets, as well as the Amazon Ads campaign events (such as impressions, clicks, and conversions).  

The ability to aggregate data from different sources in such an intuitive way opens many new scenarios and opportunities for online brands.

Here an example on how to start analyse your data:

Amazon Marketing Cloud
Amazon Marketing Cloud

AMC is available for agencies, advertisers and publishers in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. To have access, a dedicated AWS account is needed, and the knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) might come in handy.

Indeed, if AMC already has a “library” of standardized queries build out, to have customized analysis you might want to learn a bit of coding.  

A specialized team to support brands

With Amazon Marketing Cloud our advertising team can go beyond standardized queries and investigate more tailored details offering an easy graphic visualization.  

Getting clients from raw data like this:

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Directly to intuitive and ready-to-use visualizations, like this:

Amazon Marketing Cloud

In this way, clients can make more informed decisions, by analyzing KPIs such as:

  • Campaign efficiency;
  • Audience segmentation;
  • New potential customers;
  • New customized attribution models;
  • Type and frequency of customer interactions along the funnel;
  • The combination of channels that better suits the objective.

And more!

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