What is Amazon A+ Content (or A+ Page)?

August 19, 2022

The A+ Content is an Amazon feature that allows brand owners to use advanced content – such as high-quality images, videos and comparative tables – to better describe the characteristics of their products. This allows to provide Amazon users with an even more detailed description of the product and to highlight its main features through engaging graphic content.

Combining A+ Content with your products has a direct impact on brand awareness, but not only. A recent study by Amazon has also shown advanced content can increase conversion rates – and thus sales – by up to 20%. Note also how their use can help to reduce negative reviews, as the consumer will have more information about the product and therefore a lower risk of being dissatisfied with his/her purchase.

A+ Amazon

What types of A+ Content exist?

There are two different types of A+ Content:

  • Enhanced product description – also referred to as β€œA+ Page β€œ, from desktop and mobile it occupies a significant portion of the page and allows you to provide further details about the characteristics and use of your product in addition to those already included in the images and bullet points, anticipating any questions from customers and allowing them to buy more knowledgeably. This type of content consists of a variable number of modules that develop vertically (see image on the right);
  • Brand Story – allows to graphically tell more about the history, values and product lines of the brand to users. This type of content is displayed in a section above the description and consists of a Brand Hero Image that serves as a background and 4 different types of text and/or graphic modules (optional) that develop horizontally.

The A+ content can be used by both Sellers and Vendors provided they are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. Participants in Amazon’s managed sales programs – such as Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives – have access to A+ content automatically.

The inclusion of enriched content is free of charge and does not include any additional fee for the so-called basic A+ Content (which includes all the features described above). However, there is an advanced version of these features, which is called Premium A+ Content (or A++ Content).

What additional features does Premium A+ Content have?

In addition to the features included in the basic A+ Content, in the premium version:

  • The maximum number of modules you can insert goes from 5 modules for the basic version to 7 modules for the premium version;
  • The size of individual modules is bigger: from 970x600px for the basic version to 1464x600px for the premium version;
  • There are additional features and interactive modules such as Q&A, video or image carousels, clickable hotspots, and different comparison tables;
  • Since there is no separation between the various modules, it is possible to achieve greater graphic continuity.

Who can benefit from Premium A+ Content?

The Premium Content can be used by Vendors, upon direct invitation from Amazon and upon payment of a fee agreed with Amazon. Recently, Sellers have been given the opportunity to access this content, free of charge and for promotional purposes, provided that:

  • A Brand Story Content is present for all the Asin of the catalogue;
  • Amazon has approved at least 15 A+ Content projects in the last 12 months.

Thanks to Premium A+ content, brands are able to visually communicate the features and benefits of their products by relying more on images, videos and interactive modules, than text components (which usually have strict character limits).

Below is a summary of the main differences between basic and premium A+ Content:

What are the guidelines when creating A+ Content?

As with all textual and graphic elements, even for the creation of A+ Content, you must comply with the instructions provided by Amazon so as not to incur rejection of your content. Some of the main rules to keep in mind in this case are:

  • Load files in the format .jpg, .bmp and .png into the RGB colour space. Each file must not exceed 2 MB and the resolution must be at least 72 dpi: it is not allowed to use blurry images, low quality or illegible texts and filagree. The use of animated images (such as the .GIF format) is prohibited;
  • Be sure to avoid grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. Bold and italics should only be used to highlight titles or a limited number of significant words;
  • Always write texts in the same language: small portions of text in different languages are allowed only if they are part of the brand identity;
  • Avoid promotional messages, warranties or any similar information;
  • Avoid references to prices and promotions or contact details.

Witailer tips

  • Create ad hoc elements for A+ Content. Avoid using the same images already published on the product page, instead use this space to graphically convey the unique features and benefits of your product or brand;
  • Use short and eye-catching texts, paying attention to the font size in case they are inside graphic banners (NB. A+ Contents are not zoomable in mobile viewing);
  • Exploit the potential of comparative tables: this module allows you to compare different products in your catalogue, generating cross-selling opportunities;
  • Be sure to consider customer reviews and questions in the process of creating your A+ Content.

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