Witailer gaming keyword analysis on Amazon during Black Friday 2020

December 3, 2020

Black Friday is a great time of the year for brands to boost their online sales. Not only on their e-commerce but on leading marketplaces as well.

As a trusted source of information, Statista revealed in mid-November that taking the UK as an example, online spending was expected to reach 1.92 billion GBP on Black Friday, while offline (in-store) spending was predicted to be only around 680 million GBP. And in terms of percentage, a recent survey done on Nov. 27th from the same company announced that 58% planned to shop online on Black Friday compared to 8% on the street.

This paved the way for online discounts, promotions, deals, bundles, you name it.

But what were the most searched keywords during this Black Friday 2020 week on Amazon across the EU? What were users looking for? What were the top industries winning pole positions?

Witailer Intelligence is an advanced technology platform that offers clients a complete view of their performance on Amazon. Amongst its many features, such as content surveillance, Buy Box analysis and pricing trends, it also provides keyword search data per country revealing insights and trends.

In this article, Witailer shares the most searched keywords together with the industry they belong to and detailed products within those categories.

The common pattern between France, Italy, Netherlands, UK and Spain is the gaming industry. Coincidentally, the keywords that stand out - with different vocabulary patterns per language of course- are all related to video games. Data reveals that all countries except Netherlands, have the keyword “ps5” as the first searched term on average. Netherlands has this term second place and on top position the complete wording “playstation 5”. The images below illustrate in detail the rankings:

Witailer Black Friday 2020 gaming keywords trends Amazon UK
Witailer Black Friday 2020 gaming keywords trends Amazon Spain
Witailer Black Friday 2020 gaming keywords trends Amazon Netherlands
Witailer Black Friday 2020 gaming keywords trends Amazon Italy
Witailer Black Friday 2020 gaming keywords trends Amazon France

Not far from the top we find keywords such as “nintendo switch” and “xbox series”. Still from the gaming industry.

This is not surprising since according to a recent research study from Statista performed in Italy, data shows that the sales value of products in the video game industry rose significantly since the start of the national lockdown back in March 2020. Compared to last year, the sales value of this industry rose by 478%.

For SEO projections for the Black Friday sales, Statista provided a calculation of SEO trends in terms of keywords analysis, looking at the best performing video game brands according to their search volume. According to these forecasts, Nintendo would be the most searched game, with more than 6.8 million search queries having Fnac at the top.

But what about the actual clicked products within those most searched keywords? (or ASINs which stand for Amazon Standard Identification Number). Witailer Intelligence goes a layer down below and finds that the most clicked products are of course related to the PlayStation console itself, but interestingly enough we can also find joysticks, Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy video games and HD cameras for PlayStation.

Interestingly enough, and contrasting all these keyword searches, the PlayStation console is out-of-stock, definitely unavailable and nowhere to be found. The surprising effect on the consumer when not finding an available product online, may either lead to a related purchase (such as the above-mentioned items) or dangerously towards a competition brand.

Witailer Intelligence analyzes across Europe a strong competitive landscape dominated by PlayStation, followed by Nintendo Switch and Xbox, with strong search spikes in mid-September, and still growing.

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be approaching the Christmas season. Is your brand properly prepared and in line with search trends on Amazon? Have you tailored your marketing strategy? Witailer is a digitally prepared agency to assess your brand and provide you with the proper technology to improve performance in online marketplaces. Let’s talk, give us a call.



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